Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hi all,

I've always wonder why do people so in love with blogging - telling what they like or dislike, their daily routines and etc. to the whole world. Due to some event (I've forgotten), I've tried to search around for some companies and products information, but I can't find their websites. I managed to get the info from the blogger's review and their suggestion. Since then, I will always check out the bloggers website for their review on products, restaurants, hotels and etc. They really help to save our time by providing all the information that we need (kudos to all bloggers)!!! 

After such a long time, I have decided to open an account in blog spot and start blogging. I've wanted to start blogging since last year but I'm just too lazy and drag until today. My name is Celine, I enjoy travelling and see the outside world where I can learn more from other people. I love things that are done beautifully and I would like to share my thoughts with you guys on what I've seen, tried and explore. So keep looking out for my updates!!!

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