Sunday, 3 November 2013

Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

I've decided to bake the lemon poppy seed bread when I saw it from "A Subtle Revelry" post on "5 Bread Recipes for fall +How to Write on A Loaf". The breads looks so tempting and I've decided to give it a try on the lemon poppy seed recipe since I have all the ingredients in my kitchen. I think this idea is brilliant as lemon is refreshing and we won't always get to buy this from the local bakery shop. This is my first time baking bread and I must say that it is quite easy to do as the instructions are clear and quite straight forward. I've baked it in a silicon loaf pan as it is easier to remove compare to the normal tin loaf pan.  I love the idea on writing on a loaf however since I do not have a stencil and dauber. I just DIY my own stencil, I've written the word on a piece of paper and cut it out as my stencil. Then I dab the icing sugar onto the bread. It looks a bit messy as compared to Victoria's loaf, however I'm quite happy with the result. If you would like to bake this too, you may get the recipe from here.

Note: The bread taste so good that it melt in your mouth right away with the buttery and lemon aroma and  the "pop" effect from the poppy seed makes this a good combination. However it's texture is more to a cake rather than a bread.

Hope you like it!! Cya!!
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