Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Time to Relax

It's time to take a break from the hustle bustle of a city life! Enjoying a slow pace life in a small island is really great. With cool sea breeze, sunny weather, birds chirping and splashing sound of the waves is really relaxing. You will be taken away by the beautiful scenery and great environment!! It's really a great escape to reenergise!!

Swimming Pool and Sea view
Beyond Resort Krabi

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hot Pink Marabou Tutu with Matching Hair Clip / Hairband

Hot Pink Tutu and Matching Clip

My newly completed job...a pink tutu with matching hair clip. This dress looks simple and nice with the hot pink marabou and a matching hair clip. This hair clip will be attach to a hairband for the baby to put on.  I will post more photo of it in my FB page. Please click "like" if you like my creations. I will be opening my Etsy Shop soon. Stay tune!!

P/S: You may contact me if you need any tutu for your princess birthday or any special event!

C ya!
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Thursday, 13 June 2013

XOXO !! Pink Fairy Wand and Matching Headband

Hey guys! I'm so in love with this pinky fairy wand and matching headband which order by my colleague for her nieces' birthdays. I've got the order yesterday and to deliver it to her on today for one of her niece on 13th June which is today. I hope that both her nieces (sisters) like these. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Year of Snake

Time flies... This is my first post in 2013 after my last post in 2012. My family and I are ushering this year's Chinese New Year with a new family member ... our little prince, QJ. I've been lazy since i'm conceiving him and didn't blog for a while.

Though I am not active here but I do read blogs (all sorts - parenting, babies, health, hobies, etc) and as usual DIY-ing a few stuffs for QJ and other babies. I recently made tutu for babies. My first handmade tutu is for a relative newborn baby girl as a gift for her baby shower.

Pink Newborn Tutu

I've just completed an order for the pixie/fairy tutu dress inspired by the Disney Peter Pan cartoon movie. This tutu comes together with a matching headband and a fairy wand is custom made for the baby girl's first birthday party. I hope that she and her parents like it and have a wonderful upcoming party. For more photos you may visit my facebook page.

Disney Iridessa Inspired Tutu Dress

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