Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Birthday Card - Recycle Material

Hi all,

I'm so excited to share with you this DIY birthday card and gift tag to my colleague. We've bought her a vintage necklace (comes with a pendant) and a cute vintage photo charm bracelet from Kaleidoscope. I've decided to made her a birthday card and I thought it would be nice if the card is in brown colour to match the gifts. Coincidentally I kept some used recycle paper bags (for other DIY project), downloaded free printable flowers template from Paper+Craftfree printable gift tag from How About Orange and the empty A4 boxes from my office would be of help in this project too. Finally, we've inserted the gifts, gift tags and the birthday card into a brown envelope to complete the look. Thanks to my colleagues (Jessy and Sha) who helps to cut out the flowers template and preparing the gift tag as we are running short of time. We are all pleased that the birthday girl likes the gift.

Tools and materials:-
Standard size puncher & heavy duty puncher (optional)
Paper guillotine
Double sided tape
Recycle A4 papers (pink - different shades, white, black)
A4 paper box
Brown paper bag / Kraft paper
Brown envelope (Optional)

How To:
1. Cut out two cards size (your own preference) out of the A4 paper box to form the cards. Trim of the excess or cut a straight line by using paper guillotine or scissors.

Gift Tag - cut a gift tag size card

2. Wrap the cards with the brown paper bag cut-outs.

Gift tag - wrap the gift tag card with colour papers

3. Cut out a recycle A4 paper and stick on the inner of the cards (optional, you may use a different colour A4 paper or remain the card as it is)

4. The design of the front page:-

Cut out the paper banner from the colour paper / magazine / newpaper that you wish and write the HAPPY BIRTHDAY wording on the card.
Optional: You may draw the string of the banner or stick the real string on the card.

Birthday cake
- Cut out the birthday cakes in three different colours and shape according to the size that you want and stick on the front page and add in the design that you want
- In this photo, I've punch out the circle of different pink shades and stick on the second layer of the cake
- Draw a candle figure on a black colour paper and stick onto the card.(or draw straight on the card)
- Optional: Draw a stand for the cake

Cut out the downloaded flower template from Paper+Craft one by one and stack against each other starting from the second largest flower to the smallest (leave aside the biggest flower) with the double sided tape for a 3D pop out effect on the front page. Stick a punch out (or draw) circle on top of the flower.

5. Contents of the card:-

Left page
Print/write the wishes on the card and stick on the largest flower on the card.

Right page
- Signature by the senders of the gift and card
Optional: Cutout different colour papers and write the messages on the paper cutouts

7. Punch the card with a heavy duty puncher or cut out two round circle and attach a string to bind the two cards together.

8. Print out the free downloadable gift tag from How About Orange and stick it onto the gift tag card.

More photos for your viewing and hope you like this post !!


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