Wednesday, 28 March 2012

DIY Rose Crystal Bridal Bouquet

Hi all,

It's been a while since my last post... I'm tied up with my wedding for all the DIY stuff that I've done. Here I would like to share my own DIY hand bouquet. I've wanted to have an unusual hand bouquet for myself and I've thought of having a beaded or crystal hand bouquet and I've goggled to find some photos. I manage to find the Swarovski crystal hand bouquet video and it's awesome!!! I knew that I've to DIY my own bouquet again as I found the video 2 days before my actual wedding day. I head to the shop which I bought my sewing stuff to search for the material that I need.

I manage to find the crystals and the shop owner recommended the foam artificial rose flower (with organza) to me. So instead of doing the whole bouquet with crystals I added a few stalks of the artificial rose. This isn't only save up the time and it do shows contrast to the crystals.

Artificial rose flower - foam  (10 stalks)
White or green artificial stems (with wire)
10 branches of yellow crystals
10 branches of orange crystals
2-3 meters of yellow tulle
2 meters of 1"-11/2" yellow/peach satin ribbon
1.5 meters of pearl strings

1. Twine a yellow and an orange crystal around one artificial stem. Complete 9 sets of artificial stems with yellow and orange crystals. (The remaining set will be use for the boutonniere)

2. Arrange the roses in between the crystal stems.

3. Then, secure the stems together with floral tape (winding it firmly around several times in the same place as before), rubber band or wire (head and bottom).

4. Since the artificial stems are thin, you may use cloth, t-shirts or in my case, the extra tulle to wrap around the stems (about 7" from the bottom to top) to make it fuller. Tie it with a rubber band.

5. Now get the tulle and cover the whole bouquet.

6. Wrap the satin ribbon around the stems (from bottom to top) to cover the tape and finish off the bouquet by attaching the pearl strings with glue around the ribbon from bottom.

Voila you're done!! I hope that this DIY Rose Crystal Bridal Bouquet is an inspiration to you brides-to-be out there. Below are some of the photos of both the hand bouquet and boutonniere.

Please do send me photos of your completed bouquet if you did one for your big day ...... 
I would really LOVE to see !!!
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