Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Blueberry Cheese Tart

I've set up a new goal which is to bake on every weekend (if possible), therefore I've googled around to get inspiration on what to bake on last weekend. I've seen some nice tarts photos and decided to give it a try. Finally I've settle down with Azlita's Recipe (original recipe from Azita). I've successfully bake the cheese tart according to Azlita's recipe with a few exceptions.

Recipe for Crust
170gm butter/margarine (I use unsalted butter)
50gm icing
1 grade C egg (I use grade B)
290gm plain flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
moulds (I use combinations of regular size tart tins and small silicone moulds)

  1. In a mixing bowl, beat in butter/margerine (cut into small cubes) with sugar with spatula or wire whisk (do not beat for too long).
  2. Add in egg and vanilla essence and sift flour into the mixture.
  3. Knead until it become a soft dough.Quantity of flour depends on the softness of the dough. In order to get a good dough, put the dough in a plastic bag or wrap it with a cling crap and put it in the fridge overnight or at least 30min or 10-15min in the freezer.
  4. Take a bit of the dough and press into the tart tins/mould. You may try to do one first and if it fit in nicely without too much of crust, you may take it out and weigh the dough. Then, weigh the rest of the dough and distribute evenly. Use a tooth pick or fork to pierce some holes in the crust so that it can "breathe".
  5. Bake them at 170C for 20-25mins or until it is cooked.
  6. Allow the crust to cool completely before you add in filling and cream cheese.
  7. You may prepare the crust first and keep in a tight container (It is durable) and fill the filling on next day. 
Note from Azlita: Remove out some egg whites if you are using grade B eggs to avoid a hard crust (I use whole grade B egg)   

Filling A: I add in blueberry paste which I bought from pastry shop.You may make your own jam/paste/filling that you like from strawberry/blueberry/rasberry/nutella or even chocolate.

Filling B: Recipe for Cream Cheese Filling 
250gm cream cheese
50gm castor sugar
1 grade B egg
1/2 tsp vanilla/lemon essence

  1. Take out the cream cheese 20-30 min before you use it. DO NOT let the cream cheese reach room temperature.
  2. Beat cream cheese and sugar until it is creamy.
  3. Add in egg and vanilla essence and beat it again until it is smooth and combine.
Assembling the tarts
  1. Take out the crust and fill in (filling A) your prepare filling.
  2. Separate out some cream cheese filing and put into a saucer. Pour the cream cheese filling into a food grade plastic bag or ziploc bag and pipe it into the crust (for easier handling).
  3. For decoration: Add a few drops of food colouring into the cream cheese saucer and blend well. (optional). Use a tooth pick to pick up the colour and draw a few small lines at the side, on top of  the cream cheese. Then, use another clean tooth pick to drag from top to bottom at the middle of the small lines and voila you get a beutiful flowery swirl. You may need to do the swirling fast or else you won't be able to do it after it has dried up.
  4. Finally, bake the tarts at 170C for 5 mins for the small silicone mould or 10-15mins for the regular size tin tarts. It is ready when the cream cheese doesn't stick on your finger.

This recipe yield 40 small tin tarts however I manage to get 12 regular size tin tarts and 8 small silicone mould tarts. This really depends on big is your mould and the thickness of the crust. 


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