Tuesday, 29 November 2011

November Babies

It's my birthday month again!!! Along the years, I've met more and more people who born on November. During my primary school days, I've always wishes that I were to born in earlier months as holidays normally falls on November to December. I've only got to celebrate my birthday with family members, birthday song singing session and cake cutting without friends were not fun.

We've always heard from the elderly people told us that the more we grew up the less we celebrate our birthday. Now I've realized and agreed with that statement, as we grew older we tend to forget and expect less for our birthday. Nonetheless, we will still celebrate our parents birthday and it's a way to show them our love, care and thankfulness to them.

I've celebrated a few birthdays with my colleagues and made a DIY birthday card and gift tag for a colleague to present it to her with her birthday gift. I will share it in the next post....

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