Monday, 30 January 2012

DIY for my ROM

Hi all,

I've just made a hand bouquet on my Registration of Marriage (ROM) day. I actually saw a photo in the internet and thought it would be lovely if I DIY one for my ROM. Other than that, I've make some changes of the DIY signs from theprettyblog by Susan Brand to my own version. I've thought of making all these few months back and ..... tada ..... I've managed to made my own version which I'm quite impressed and proud of.

Here is my own version of the hand bouquet.
My version of the Mr and Mrs Sign which you can download if you like.
Click here for the "Mr" sign
Click here for the "Mrs" sign

Last but not least, my initial plan to use the "Just Married flag design" from Martha Stewart which I've downloaded and printed out for my pre-wedding shoot at the beach were ruined by the unhelpful and unfriendly photographer (from the bridal house). We did not managed to take any photo with this and keep it for our ROM too.

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