Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Year of Snake

Time flies... This is my first post in 2013 after my last post in 2012. My family and I are ushering this year's Chinese New Year with a new family member ... our little prince, QJ. I've been lazy since i'm conceiving him and didn't blog for a while.

Though I am not active here but I do read blogs (all sorts - parenting, babies, health, hobies, etc) and as usual DIY-ing a few stuffs for QJ and other babies. I recently made tutu for babies. My first handmade tutu is for a relative newborn baby girl as a gift for her baby shower.

Pink Newborn Tutu

I've just completed an order for the pixie/fairy tutu dress inspired by the Disney Peter Pan cartoon movie. This tutu comes together with a matching headband and a fairy wand is custom made for the baby girl's first birthday party. I hope that she and her parents like it and have a wonderful upcoming party. For more photos you may visit my facebook page.

Disney Iridessa Inspired Tutu Dress

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