Thursday, 19 March 2015

QJ 1st Birthday vs 2nd Birthday

Hi all,

Last year has been a busy year for me. With QJ growing up and coping between my personal life, career and dream made my life packed. Juggling between career, dreams, interest and baby equals to hectic yet interesting life. Life has never been easy and full of learning curve, at that moment I'm learning to be a good wife then a preggy and now a mother.

I've always wanted to post up his 1st birthday celebrations which I've drafted last year's January so that it will be recorded but due to my packed schedule I've never made it till today. We've celebrated QJ 1st birthday last year and in a blink his 2nd birthday passed too. Both his 1st and 2nd birthday are quite successful at least in a way which satisfy me.

For his 1st birthday I've made him a two tier birthday cake, cupcakes, elephant and elephant sugar cookies all according to the blue-greyish elephant theme. While this year we held a Pororo theme birthday for him. I've bake him a Pororo & friends cake. It's easier for me this year as I just bake his cake and the rest of the cupcakes and dessert were bought. I guessed he enjoyed both his birthdays very much as he got to ate sweet things, play with his peers and received many gifts. However we did not manage to take as many photos as compared to last year as he cannot stand still and always on the move now.

QJ Cheeky Faces
QJ and his 'auto' members
Daddy, mummy and QJ
Daddy, mummy and QJ
QJ 2nd birthday
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