Monday, 7 October 2013

Atlantis Under The Sea Theme Dinner

Hi guys,

I've been searching high and low for a suitable costume for my company dinner which carry the theme "Atlantis Under The Sea", sounds fun isn't it? What do you have in mind? Deep blue sea with mermaids, merman, jelly fish, zombie pirates, sea god & goddesses and etc. Who doesn't want to be a mermaid but with my "super slim" post-natal body I am no way to be a mermaid. I've thought of being Ursula but then I don't like to makeup myself with tonnes of products on my face, therefore I've set my mind to be a sea goddess whom carry a simpler look (although sea goddess might have a sophisticated look).

I've bought a simple long dress and hand sew all the rhinestones and beads on it. Since this is the sea goddess so my main colour is more to white-blue-greenish which give an ocean feel. While for my makeup, I apply gold-dish brown eye colour and glue white sequins on my forehead and I've wore a purple wig which enhances the look. The wig give a good contrast to the dress and the accessories. Since I have the beads and rhinestones on the upper dress so I keep it simple without necklace and only earrings and green crystal cuffs on both my wrists.

Everyone dress up to the heaven and I can't even recognized some of our colleagues. It's a success and there are lots of prizes from the lucky draw and our HQ colleagues manage to win two prizes. Like always I have no luck in this. We really have fun that night...

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