Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sweet Potato and Apple Puree

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Lately I've been making food puree for my son QJ. He has started solid since he was 6 months old. Previously I bought him cereal from the departmental store but later I found out that it is very sweet and have decided to make him puree from raw food. So far, I've been feeding him apple, avocado, pumpkin, millet, sweet potato. He has a sweet tooth and he never like water and I have to force him or spoon feed him water. So the first thing that I tried out is with an apple which I cut into quarters and then cut into smaller bits to steam. Then I blend until it turns to liquid form (but not too watery) as though the baby food jars that you can find from the stores. I serve 2/4 when it is still warm (straight after blending) and he could finish it within a minute. He's very demanding on his meal and he wants it fast and he'll be screaming if I'm slow. One thing good is that this reduces the waiting time and the possibility of catching wind from the cold food. But also because of that (maybe) he is a bit huge compare to other babies of his age.

Lately I've been feeding him sweet potato (purple) and apple. I choose the organic vegetables so that is easier to digest as it doesn't contains pesticides and for apples, I've chosen the small sweet honey apple from the fruits stalls near my house. Previously I've tried to steam both apples and sweet potato in the same wok longer than the usual time because sweet potato need more time to get soft. I find it faster if I boil it in a saucepan. Then I combine both the apples and sweet potato in a blender and add some water until the texture is smooth and in puree form. I did not add too much water as I intend to freeze for later consumption which I gonna add milk for each serving. By the way I have tried the puree before feeding QJ, its yummy and he keep asking for more after each spoon. Both the sweet potatoes and apples tasted like the yam purees after adding in the milk and you can hardly taste the apple.  Please take note that your baby's "poo" will have a hint of pink/purple because of the sweet potato.

P/S: I have forgotten to take the photo of the sweet potato puree.
I tried both ways to steam apple - with and without skin
Sweet Potato and Apple Puree

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